Household Appliances

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Get a New Discount Washer in Greensboro, NC at a Wholesale Price

Whether you are looking for a washer/dryer combination or just a separate washer or discount dryer in Greensboro, NC, you will find a low price here. Front load or top load washers, electric or gas dryers, and even stackable sets for tight spaces make up the revolving inventory. State of the art dryers can dry your clothes faster and are more energy efficient, which saves you money. The latest technology in washers gets your clothes cleaner while using the least amount of water possible. Don’t put up with your old machines anymore. It’s time for an upgrade that can save you money and hassle. With same day delivery and installation, you can be sure your new appliance will arrive at your home and be professionally installed so that you can use it right away. All appliances are put in place and hooked up, the hot and cold water to the washer, the gas or electricity to your dryer, all with the proper cables and hardware.

Save on Gas and Electric Water Heaters with Same Day Delivery and Installation

Having hot water for bathing and washing dishes and clothes is a household necessity. If your water heater quits you need a replacement urgently. Find a lower price at Discount Savings Superstore. Whether you need an electric or a gas water heater, you can find both options here with different tank sizes. In addition to saving money on your purchase, a new water heater is sure to be more efficient than your old one, which saves you even more money each month on your utility bill. And the best part is that same day delivery and installation is included, making the whole process that much easier for you.